Icecreams with a lot of
Natural Flavors.

Best Ice Cream in Chennai


Cones of premium quality

The cones are made up of superior quality wafers that enhance the taste of the ice creams when taken together. They are available in different sizes, according to the customer's demands. A characteristic topping of small cut pieces of fruits and nuts is sprinkled with these customized cones for an overall perfect taste.

Pineapple Icecream

If you are a pineapple lover, this ice cream flavor is the ideal choice for you. It mimics the taste of the fruit to such an extent that it feels like you are eating the fresh fruit itself. The ratio of the sugar and the fruit concentrate is perfectly balanced. You can either order in bulk or small quantities of 100 ml. The taste is going to linger in your mouth for a long time.

Vanilla Icecream

Although vanilla ice cream is one of the most popular flavors, the one made by us still stands out. The popularity of it can be judged by the fact that it is available in 4-5 different cup sizes as well as in bulk. The trick is to use the perfect amount of color and flavor in a balanced manner so that the nuances of the taste can be captured.

Fig and Honey Icecream

Figs are one of the most healthy fruits, and the same can be said about their ice cream flavor as well. The pieces of figs used for manufacturing the icecreams are thoroughly washed and cleaned, mainly to maintain hygiene. It is one flavor that is liked by one and all.

Kesar Pista Icecream

A combination of Kesar and pista's flavors stands out, especially as ice cream. The reason behind its popularity is the balance between the two components to give the ice cream a fulfilling taste. They are available in 100ml cups or as a part of large orders.

Strawberry Icecream

There are many strawberry fruits, and all of them are used for manufacturing Strawberry ice cream, which gives it a distinct taste and flavor. It also depends upon the maturity of the fruit being used. It is one of the most sought-after flavors in the form of cups and special cones.

Mixed Fruits

Mixed fruit is one of the most popular ice creams, and it is made from natural fruits. The mixture gives a refreshing taste to your tongue. Extra care is taken to prepare the mixed fruit ice cream, and it is available in both 50ml cups and 100 ml cups.

Spanish Delight

Spanish delight is a truly wonderful ice cream that gives a great taste to your tongue. The irresistible exotic ice cream will impress your taste buds with its unforgettable taste. The Spanish delight is offered in 500ml, 10000ml packs. One can even opt for Spanish delight in bulk.


Chocolate ice cream is prepared from a fine grade of COCOA. Extra care is taken to prepare the chocolate to give a superior taste of this ice cream. You will not feel any taste of bitterness when you have this ice cream prepared from the fine grade of COCOA. The premium quality of the chocolate ice cream is available in 50 ml Cops 100 ml cups, 500 ml pack, 1000ml pack. One can also get in bulk if they want chocolate ice cream.

Natural Sapota

Natural Sapota is one of the popular ice creams in the department, and extra care has been taken to ensure that ice cream is free from fungus. We assure you of premium quality natural Sapota, and we take pure ingredients to prepare the natural flavour. The product is available in 100 ml, 500 ml, 1000ml packs. You can even customize ice cream if you want.

Kasmir delight

Kasmir delight is a special variety in the department made from exotic gulkand. The gulkand is made from Kashmir roses. With every bite of this Kasmir delight, you can experience a distinct and different favour. The nutritious ice cream gives you energy and is healthy enough to consume. The special varieties are available in 100 ml, 500 ml, and 1000 ml packs. You can even order in bulk.


Cassetta is a popular ice cream cake that is available in different varieties. Ice cream constitutes middle, inner, and outer layers. The three layers of the product are inverted on the cake. The combination of cake and cream ice cream gives you a delightful taste.

Pot Kulfi

Pot kulfi is a popular form of ice cream available in pots. Kulfi is one of the oldest ice creams known as the ice cream delight. We offer the desi ice cream in earthen pots to give you the original authentic taste. The contents of the ice cream are packed properly with foil and enriched with nuts and saffron to give the perfect blend.


Experience the true flavour of mango with every spoonful of mango ice cream. Mango is the king of fruits, and extra care has been taken to prepare the mango-flavoured ice cream with fresh and natural mango pulp in the preparation. Mango is available in 50ml Cups, 100ml cups. If you need it in bulk, you can also have a 1000 ml pack. Moreover, we also offer mango in mini cones and big size cones.


Butterscotch is one of the most delicious ice creams, and we prepare this ice cream using high-quality cashew nuts. The high-quality nuts are blended with the product to give the best taste of butter and nuts. Butterscotch is available in 50ml cups, 100 ml cups, 500 ml packs, and you can also order in bulk. Butterscotch is served in a cone of mini size and big size.


Pista is an utterly delicious ice cream prepared from uniformly chopped, high-quality pistachio. The pistachio is blended with ice cream to give the best taste till the last soon. The delicious ice cream is available in 50 ml cups,100ml cups, and 1000 ml packs. It is also available in bulk.

Tutty Frutti

Tutty Frutti is a mixture of several fruit and nuts. Extra care is taken in the preparation with fresh ingredients to give the best taste. Tutti frutti is available in 50 ml cups,100ml cups, and 1000 ml packs. We also accept bulk orders of this product and are available in mini size and big size cone.

Cone Ice cream

You can have different flavours of ice cream such as butterscotch, mango strawberry, chocolate, etc. in convenient cones. We offer premium quality wafers to give the best taste. The wafers of the cones are prepared with cashew nuts and fruit pieces. The cones are available in mini and big sizes.

Stick Ice Cream

We prepare the stick ice cream with real fruit juices to authentic taste. The different flavours of stick ice cream are mango, grape, orange, lemon. We also offer choco bar stick ice cream of excellent taste.